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For those of you that are aware of how awesome the zune campaign is you might really enjoy this. And even if you are not in the know of zune commercials, i think you can appreciate a good felt zombie when you see it.

Three Legged Legs
colabed with Adam Parker Smith to make a commercial for zune.



For my first featured artist I would like to share the work of Esandra Hollman. She is a recent Ringling College of Art and Design with a major in Photography. She uses her photography knowledge to give her plush toys a very unique look.

She was very excited to be featured as was i to have her here, so here she is-

Esandra Hollman-
"I'm from Bradenton, FL so I didn't have to go far to attend the college that would inspire me to be the artist I am today. I entered RCAD to follow my childhood dream of being an animator, but after a couple years I realized I didn't have much artistic freedom. So I decided to change directions and focus on my other passion, photography. While in school, I did a lot of straight photography due to the constraints of assignments, but what I really enjoy doing is mixed media photography. With photography, especially with now in the digital age, the hand of the artist is rarely seen. I like to try and incorporate ways of doing that whenever possible. Worlds collided for me when I discovered the process of polaroid transfers - reviving my love for character design and mixing it with the photographic process. Even before the last stitch was in my very first plush, I was addicted! I just love every bit of the process - its so much fun!"

Q. As a plush artist, what is it your favorite material to work with?
A: I love to use fleece, especially when I'm making plushies as gifts for others - it helps to make them extra snuggly! Fabrics with fun colorful patterns are favorites too! Also, I try to recycle fabrics when I can... giving forgotten clothing or discarded fabrics new life.

Q. Do you think that being a photographer has any influence on your plush toys? Or do you think is gives you an advantage?
A: I'm always trying to discover fun ways to mix my photography and my plush art. My very first attempt to do so was the "Sweet Tooth Monster" series I created using Polaroid transfers on fabric. It was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to making more and even trying out new ways to incorporate photographic imagery. I think it gives my plushies a little something special that you typically don't see. It makes them more unique and original!

Q. Do you have a favorite plusher in the field?
A: Not sure if I can say I have a favorite exactly, but there are quite a lot of talented plushers out there. I try to keep up with them on websites like,,, and I'm almost always perusing, just to name a few. I also try and get out to contemporary urban craft fairs when I can, sometimes good plush can be found there too.

Q. What is the most important thing you consider when you start to design a new toy? Is there a method to your madness?
A: The most exciting part for me when starting a new plush project is knowing I'm going to be bringing it to life. Since I have a background in animation, I have a lot of characters that have been left behind in various sketchbooks or doodles forgotten on stray paper. So the entire process has me just anxious to see the finish piece! When I'm doing a new design, the challenging part is figuring out what approach I'm going to take. Depending on how complex the design is, I may need to invent a new way of constructing it. I find that I do that quite often actually since I hand sew everything, and all my sewing techniques were for the most part self-taught. It may not always be the correct way for crafting standards, but it works for me!

Check out more of her stuff on her blog

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